Baraza: Pre-installation requirements


Baraza currently runs on Linux (Kernel 2.6.x, glibc v2.1 and above). Future releases may support other platforms.

Required Software Packages

Baraza uses the PosgreSQL RDBMS (v.8.2 and above) for data storage. You therefore need to install PostgreSQL. (Baraza will create its database automatically on first startup.)

If you are re-installing Baraza, be sure to make a dump/backup of the existing database prior to re-installing Baraza, as the database structure may change from one release to the next. (Refer to the release notes contained within the package for details on whether this is required for a particular release.) Be sure to dump only the data (not schema) as INSERTs with explicit column names (using pg_dump: pg_dump -Da database_name). Since Baraza will create the database on startup, you will want to let Baraza create a new, empty database. You should then restore your backup data to the new database.

PostgreSQL is generally easy to use and quote robust. Numerous PostgreSQL tutorials and resources exist online. Please refer to them for additional information, or visit the Online Forums for additional information.

Configuring DNS Records for Server-to-Server Communications

If you intend to exchange instant messages and presence with external users/servers, you must configure DNS SRV records for all the domains to be served by your installation. Both IMPS and Jabber/XMPP SRV records are required to enable full server-to-server message exchange. Without these records, external servers will not know how to contact your domain for message and presence information exchange.

The IMPS server-to-server protocol protocol (a.k.a IMPS SSP) uses HTTP(S) over TCP/IP. In order to determine the host which handles messages for a particular domain (a.k.a Service Access Point or SAP), the server will look up the imps-server service (proto tcp only) for the domain. Therefore (assuming you are using bind/named), you want to provide DNS records for your domain of the following form:

impsserverhostname. 86400 A impserver-ip-address
_imps-server._tcp.mydomain. 86400 IN SRV 5 0 8181 impsserverhostname.

This tells other Baraza/IMPS servers that your domain mydomain has as its IMPS server the host impsserverhostname listening on port 8181. Baraza will connect to that host/port and use HTTPS (or, failing that, HTTP) to exchange any messages using SSP v1.3.