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Binary downloads for Baraza

Baraza is provided as a single Linux binary. The binary has been tested on Linux Kernel 2.6.x, glibc v2.3. It may or may not run on other Linux installations (please post your experiences on the Online forums).

Download the latest build here: Linux Build (v0.80)


Sources are available for Baraza here. Please follow instructions in the installation guide.
Anonymous CVS access is also available at Sourceforge:

cvs login
(hit ENTER)
cvs -z3 co -P baraza

Getting Help

Mailing List

The mailing list has been setup for this project. Anyone is free to join (list is unmoderated).

To subscribe send an email to with the word subscribe in the subject line.

All comments to

Mailing List Archives

Searchable list archives are maintained on and are available online.

Be Nice

The usual set of rules of good behaviour apply to the mailing list as well. Such rules might include:

  • When you have a problem, try to provide as much information about your environment as is necessary to help troubleshoot

  • If you must send code fixes or change suggestions, send unified diffs, as they are easier to read.

  • Try not to incite other posters to violence.

Where can I find more information?

Take a look at the User Guide for a longer description of Baraza. For more detailed questions and such please visit the forums.

Why you should use Baraza

Current technologies will soon become obsolete. New softwares and devices are developed by experts and we succeed to realize things that were only a dream a few years ago. But instant messages will always be a thing in matter of phones, tablets and other such devices – we sure need to stay in touch with our family, clients, co-workers and everyone in between. But in case you use a Linux device you should consider getting Baraza, the best software for your needs.

About Baraza – your free mobile instant messaging software

Instant messaging is widely used all over and due to internet. We have countless softwares available and Trillian, Digsby, Pidgin, Nimbuzz and Baraza are only a few of them. Yet those who use Linux devices are recommended to use Baraza, this free tool which offers numerous advantages to users. It provides support for inter-domain message and presence exchange as well as communication between IMPS client application and server, but that is not the best part.

Nowadays, when much of our communication is done through the screen of our devices, Baraza comes with a brand new idea. A simple instance of this free application can service multiple domains – and this feature has been developed and perfected over a few years. It also allows multimedia content storage and it will give you the URL from where you can download the content.

Whether you wish to talk with your family, your clients, your relatives from other countries or even on Live Sex Cams at, you will find Baraza extremely useful. With a user-friendly interface, being great for chat and offering quick and reliable support to customers, it is a creative platform that will never cease to amaze you with its upgrades and new features – which do not appear too often, so you will not have to install again and again new versions of it.

What’s the deal with Baraza?

Although the integration of instant messaging programs into popular social media services such as Yahoo, Gmail and Facebook have diminished the number of Baraza customers, there are some who understood the advantages of this software. Apart from the fact that it is free and it does not include any costs or fees, Baraza is a software dedicated solely to Linux users. Therefore its features are built accordingly to their requirements, with zero chances to get viruses and with content that will be encoded so that your sensitive information will always remain private.

The communication occurs in real-time. You will get the chance to move information back and forth – all you will need is internet connection and a Linux device for this free mobile instant messaging software. The offline messages are stored, you will always receive your messages if something occurs or you lose connection and you will always keep in touch with your co-workers, even when you will be on vacation.

Regardless of your Linux device, it sure has an IM software or at least proper support for one. Try Baraza with your friends and convince yourself that it is the best mobile instant messaging software for you. Use Baraza and stay in touch with the important people in your life!